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【轉貼文章】- [情報] David Gest之MJ第一次喝醉酒小故事

這是在噗浪上看到關於MJ在Off the Wall時期的一則小故事,非常有趣,所以轉貼過來與大家分享。

作者:ChesterB (很難想) 看板 KingofPop
標題:[情報] David Gest之MJ第一次喝醉酒小故事
時間:Sun Apr 4 22:37:24 2010

Michael was staying at my place on Dohney and was happy to come along. He really respected Burt (Bacharach) but wondered, as we all did, what made him tick.

MJ當時在我家,他非常高興能夠出席(從後文看來應該是跟人晚餐之類) ,他很景仰 Burt Bacharach (鋼琴家、作曲家) 。

Burt had ordered a bottle of expensive French red wine, which he, Carole (Bayer Sager) and I were drinking. Michael never drank but that night he got interested in wine. Unbelievably; he didn't even know what wine was.
'What's it made of?' he asked me.
'Grapes', I said.
'I like grapes,' Michael said. 'I think i'll try some.'
So we poured Michael a glass and he drank it. He obviously liked it because he drank another one. We were drinking a 1982 Pomerol that tasted like candy, so he was bound to like it.

他問我:「這是甚麼做的?」。 我回答:「葡萄」。MJ說:「我喜歡葡萄,我想我可以喝一點」。所以我們幫他倒了一杯,他喝了。很顯然,他很喜歡因為他又喝了另一杯。我們喝的是1982年的Pomerol, 喝起來很像糖果,所以他很喜歡。

By this time, we all had a glass or two and the bottle was finished. So Burt ordered a second bottle. This time, Michael drank virtually the whole bottle. He had really aquired a taste for wine, fine wine at that, and was guzzling the stuff down. So we ordered a third bottle and Michael drank most of that aswell. That's when i knew we were going to have a problem that night.


The evening came to an end and I drove Michael back to my place. He was, understandbly, happy. In fact, he was flying high, very high. In the car he was talking and laughing. He was singing 'I Want To Be Where You Are' and 'Never Can Say Goodbye'. Then he started singing more of his hit songs like 'Ben'. He was giggling away all the time.

晚餐結束,我開車載MJ回我家,他整個很開心。事實上簡直是興奮過頭了,超嗨在車子裡他說個不停;而且一直笑,而且還一直唱歌 I want to be where you are Never can say goodbye 。 然後,他開始唱他很多其他很紅的歌像是Ben;然後,一路上都在科科笑。

'You're going to be in trouble,' he said. 'I'm going to tell Joesph what you did.'
I wasn't taking the bait. 'I didn't do it, you did,' I said.
It took us a few minutes to get back to my place. The minute I parked the car and opened the door for him, Michael leaned out and threw up all over the place. He spent the rest of the night hanging over the toilet. He was as sick as a dog. I was up all night with him.
He kept saying, 'I'm going to tell Joe you corrupted me,' I was kinda worried he would but he never did.

他說:「你完蛋了! 我要跟Joesph講你做了甚麼。」。我說:「我可沒做甚麼,是你自己做的。」

It was his first taste of wine, something he would come to love a little too much in later years. I always felt bad about that night but it sure was funny!



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